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Previews & Reviews

Previews & Reviews (20)

VIP 2 movie review: Dhanush-Kajol's film is a rehashed version of VIPVIP 2 takes the story forward from where Velai Illa Pattadhaari (2014) ended. The director introduces Vasundara (Kajol Devgn) like a typical masala hero. Surprisingly, Kajol's sidekick (played by Raiza) gets more reception from the audience, thanks to Bigg Boss Tamil. Much like Velai Illa Pattadhaari, the sequel is another episode in Raghuvaran's life. Velai Illa Pattadhaari 2 Cast:Dhanush, Kajol Devgn, Amala Paul, Vivek and Samuthirakani Velai Illa Pattadhaari 2 Director: Soundarya Rajinikanth Velai Illa Pattadhaari 2 Rating: 4 Star Rating: Recommended4 Star Rating: Recommended(2/5) In several ways, VIP was a satisfying mass film. Mainly because, Raghuvaran was a simple youngster, whose world was much simpler than VIP 2. We saw him the way his mother, his girlfriend, his younger brother and father saw him. Velai Illa Pattadhaari had some really good moments that catered to Dhanush's fans and filmgoers in general. Raghuvaran's guy-next-door character was something we could connect to and he was one among hordes of underdog engineers. But Raghuvaran in VIP 2 seems to be from another mass film. Let's just say he's Raghuvaran 2. VIP 2 begins with Raghuvaran 2 getting the Engineer Of The Year Award for his slum clearance project. Anitha (Ritu Varma) collects the award on his behalf. It took two seconds to figure out that Surabhi's character has been replaced by Ritu Varma. Just like the guy sitting next to me, I wondered who now has Saranya's (Raghuvaran's mother) lungs that were donated in the first part. Vasundara, a self-made corporate tycoon asks her employee to somehow persuade Raghuvaran to join her company. Enter Raghuvaran 2 in his Mofa, carrying vegetables. It has been three years since the first part released but the characters are fresh in our memories. However, it looks the characters have undergone some serious psychological changes. A soft-spoken Shalini in VIP becomes the overly sensitive and doting wife. A genuinely caring father (played by Samuthirakani) wants to be a cool dad. And the introverted younger brother Karthik (Hrishikesh) grows a moustache. Raghuvaran himself talks too much in this one. A constant thing is a track between Azhagusundaram (Vivek) and Thangapushpam. One of the likeable parts about VIP 2 is Raghuvaran 2's scenes with Azhagusundaram, who gets some funny lines. The first half centres more on Raghuvaran 2 and his wife Shalini. They play the over sentimental, over dramatic and utterly boring husband-and-wife from a television soap. Shalini's confrontations with her drunkard husband are supposed to evoke laughter, but it gets irritable and unfunny. Each time Raghuvaran 2 complaints about marriage, his cool dad comes to rescue. In fact, in one of the scenes, he gives advice on 'how to please your wife' quoting his life examples. Thank god, this isn't American Pie! Every time he gets into trouble, Saranya Ponvannan makes a cameo appearance. Last time, Raghuvaran truly created a revolution taking on the state of engineers in Tamil Nadu. This time, not so much and the results are too ambiguous. Velai Illa Pattadhaari 2 is written by Dhanush and is shockingly ordinary film coming from someone who made a heartwarming Pa Paandi earlier this year. Velai Illa Pattadhaari 2 follows a similar story as that of VIP. The only difference is that the 'Amul Baby' here is a female. Raghuvaran 2 and Vasundara face-off over business dealings among others. Despite a weak villain in the first part, Dhanush's interactions with Amitash Pradhan were thoroughly entertaining. But the portions with Vasundara are weakly conceived. Expect perhaps the interval block, where Raghuvaran from the first part makes a cameo with Anirudh Ravichander's thumping background score. And I've never watched Kajol overacting in films as much as she does in this one. In terms of inventiveness, Dhanush has written a nice link in the climax that has something to do with the Chennai floods in 2015. For every dull moment (if there was any) in VIP, it was backed by Anirudh Ravichander's terrific background score. Sean Roldan, too, is a great composer, whose Poonthendral had Ilaiyaraaja written all over it. But the music is a big let down and the theme is reminiscent of an 80s Rajinikanth film. Have I told you that Dhanush himself unknowingly impersonates Rajinikanth more than once? With VIP 2, can we also say that some films are better left untouched...without the need to make a sequel?

Bhairava Movie Review

14 January 2017 Written by
Bairavaa is an action entertainer that talks about a daring debt collector who ends up fighting a hard-core educational field criminal. It is expected to be an unapologetic mass movie that can only be enjoyed and not analysed. So does Bairavaa satisfy the masses? Glance down to know! After experimenting a little with his performances in his recent outings, Vijay has come out with an out and out commercial action movie, just to treat his hardcore fan base for this Pongal. Yet another energetic performance from Vijay! But one feels his voice modulation sounds very artificial in some places. Beside this, there is hardly anything to complain about Vijay. If there is one thing that makes you watch the film without frowning till the very end, that would be Vijay’s screen presence. The film travels 20 minutes without Vijay during the flashback portion, a rarity in his films. A gutsy move by the team! Though the flashback is predictable and passable, it helps to create tension and also gives good build up to the villain. The film takes time to settle down, but once it gets going you get a partially satisfactory ride till the mid-point. Pre-climax fight happens to be one of the high points of the film. Post mid way mark, the film resorts to an over beaten screenplay pattern. A couple of impressive scenes here and there keep you alert. It falls flat towards the end and does not excite you. Keerthy Suresh, as Vijay’s love interest, plays a good natured and gleeful girl next door. It is nice to see the actress establishing a style for herself in such a short span. She has a peculiar set of expressions which works quite well for the character. She has tried her hands on the 'Nellai' dialect but it isn't consistent. Jagapathi Babu, Daniel Balaji and Thambi Ramaiah bring their experience on to the table. Sathish could not manage to evoke laughter like his previous films. Few scenes looked over dramatized and could have been toned down. Sukumar has shown Vijay in dynamic angles and it has elevated his mass aspects adequately. The action scenes in particular were well choreographed, thanks to Anl Arasu. Few CGI and set works looked tacky. There were lip sync issues too especially during the early stages of the film. Vijay's toupee, an already exposed flaw spoilt the looks of naturally charming Vijay. 'Varlaam vaa' bgm works so well with the visuals but other RR's hardly make an impact. A couple of BGM looks to be heavily inspired from Hollywood OST's. Song placement of ‘papa papa’ looks force fitted.

Iru Mugan

12 September 2016 Written by
Chiyaan Vikram’s Iru Mugan directed by Anand Shankar hit the screens on the 8th of September and the film is said to be doing pretty well in Chennai and Chengelpet districts. As reported by us earlier in the day, as per behindwoods Box Office wing, this Vikram starrer has collected 2.25 crores from its 4 days opening weekend at the Chennai city box office alone.


10 November 2015 Written by
Making a commercial film isn't a piece of cake. There are very few directors who have mastered this art of catering to a wide audience base with packaged entertainment having elements like comedy, action, sentiment, some twists and the song-dance routines. And when there is a big hero on board, the director's responsibility grows even bigger. That's exactly the case in Vedalam where the successful Veeram duo of Siva - Ajith joins hands again. In Vedalam, the focus is clearly on projecting women in good light with Ajith always looking out for his doting sister (played by Lakshmi Menon). When there is a mass hero, action comes along like his shadow and Vedalam has its fair share of 'thiruvizha' action moments resulting from the revenge theme of the film. There are three hunky villains falling into the commercial cinema template completely. The transformations in look, body language and attitude that Ajith brings about are bolstered by Anirudh's ‘theri theme’. Anirudh is indeed a 'masster' and his work in Vedalam needs a mention. Right from the groovy title credits score to the ‘Veera Vinayaga’ number to the riotous ‘Aaluma Doluma’, Anirudh is in the right zone and delights the masses. The chemistry between Ajith’s famed screen presence and Anirudh’s BGM score was always a big lookout pre-release and the combination works in Vedalam. Some of the comedy scenes (headed by the likes of Soori, Kovai Sarala, Rajendran, Balasaravanan, Swaminathan, Sivabalan) don’t work out as intended and the sentiment scenes go overboard into the melodramatic territory. The film doesn't engage consistently as intended. But the earnestness of Ajith in the feel-good, tearjerker moments stands out no doubt. Siva has not just banked on Ajith’s persona, but has also extracted various performance shades from Thala. With two distinct looks, some energetic dance moves, plenty of mass moments in the fight scenes, Vedalam is every hardcore Ajith fan’s ideal outing. And the director has also made sure to not miss out on the large family audience base by using the services of actors like Lakshmi Menon and Thambi Ramaiah. Both these actors are pillars no doubt, and up the EQ (emotional quotient) of Vedalam. And like in Veeram, the pre-interval segment is a spike in Vedalam too, and Siva is in charge of the film playing to his strengths with impactful dialogues and 'moments' to savor. Shruti Haasan (playing a hyper lawyer) has the interestingly filmed ‘Don’t You Mess With Me’ song where she has been showcased like the dream girl that she is, by DoP Vetri. The locations and glossy feel of this song are in contrast to the general gritty tone of the film. The way this song traverses is interesting, with a 'hate to love' journey portrayed through it. Ashwin gets a small role as Shruti’s brother who falls for Lakshmi’s goodness. Editor Ruben’s work is noteworthy in the frenetic climax action scene which has some intelligent episodes and also plenty of outer-atmospheric elements in it. Stunt master Silva must have had a lot on his plate given the big action scope of the film and with his trusted aide Ajith, Silva has delivered some high-octane set pieces.

36 Vayathinile Movie Review

17 May 2015 Written by
36 Vayathinile Movie Review Cast : Jyothika , Rahman , Abirami Direction : Rosshan Andrrews Music : Santhosh Narayanan Producer : 2D Entertainment Suriya So Jyotika makes a comeback to Kollywood with 36Vayadhinile, which is a remake of Malayalam film How old are you, which was also the comeback movie for Manju Warrier. Its a clean female centric film that’s tailor made for comebacks. I liked the fact that this subject suits her age and its a sensible move. And Suriya producing the film is just an icing on the cake. So 36Vayadhinile is a story of a typical housewife, who does all the sacrifices for the well being of her family. But instead of being appreciated, most of the ladies in our households are either degraded or ridiculed. But here Jyotika goes on a journey to rediscover herself and regain her identity. It’s not some sort of revolution based movie, so ladies don’t get fired up after watching the film. Everybody has their own identity, so just relax and try to find it. Since the film is a perfect remake from How old are you, the technical aspects are pretty high quality. The story and screenplay is already tried, tested and successful so nothing can possibly go wrong here. The dialogues were inspiring and simple. Music by Santhosh Narayan was simply magical. His music neatly fills the gaps in between the dialogues and takes the film forward. Editing was good and kept the film under 2 hours. Cinematography was good, with close framing and neat angles. Lets talk about Jyotika. We all know Suriya is such a supporting husband, but this story somewhat feels original and close to her heart. Probably this is a story that every housewife can relate herself to. Once married, you drop your dream and dedicate you life for your family. But not every woman is same. There are many who have achieved a lot in this competitive world. Jyotika did complete justice to this role. Her innocent face expressions and smile makes you feel for her at times. She just took off from where she left 8 years back and looks pretty confident on screen. Jyotika some times goes a bit overboard and over acts at times. But in this film she was pretty subtle in her expressions and emotions. And none other could have pulled off this role with ease other than her. So full marks to her in the acting department. Others were just fine and supported her wherever needed. The interaction between a mother and her daughter, husband and wife, in laws and the daughter in law, a caring friend, its these little moments that make 36Vayadhinile a genuine attempt to make women realize, that nobody can ever put an expiry date to their dreams and they just need to start living the life for themselves. I somehow felt the 2nd half was rushed just to complete the film within 2 hours. First half was neatly paced and moved smoothly. Some portions in the 2nd half were rushed and the climax was a dampener. Jyotika was good, but for this role Manju Warrier was better in terms of keeping the audience rooted.

Anagen Review

14 February 2015 Written by
Anegan (English: Multiple Single Person) is a Indian Tamil romantic thriller film directed by K. V. Anand. The film stars Dhanush,Amyra Dastur, Aishwarya Devan and Karthik, with Atul Kulkarni, Ashish Vidyarthi, Aishwarya Devan and Jagan in supporting roles. Produced by AGS Entertainment, the film's soundtrack album and background score composed by Harris Jayaraj. Cinematography was handled by Om Prakash and editing was done by Anthony. The visual effects of the movie is handled by Endhiran fame V. Srinivas Mohan. The film was listed by Behindwoods in its "Top 10 most Anticipated films of 2014". The movie is scheduled to release on 13 February 2015. As per the live audience, the movie has got positive reviews. Anegan Movie Review, Dhanush, Amyra Dastur, Aishwarya Devan, KV Anand, Anegan, Anegan Trailer, Anegan Songs, Anegan Full Movie, Anegan Online

'I' Movie Review

14 January 2015 Written by
Here is the much awaited (ai) I theatrical trailer (Tamil ) starring Chiyaan Vikram and Amy Jackson in the lead roles. Like, Share and Comment on all our videos and become a top fan, Win a chance to watch any video we release before the world sees.

Lingaa Review

13 December 2014 Written by

Kaththi Movie Review

23 October 2014 Written by
Staring : Vijay, Samantha, Neil Nitin Mukesh, Sathish Director : AR. Murugadoss Music : Anirudh Production : Lyca Productions There has been a lot of buzz in Cine industry about ‘Kaththi’ from the moment they have been disclosed. Vijay has done a dual role after ‘Azhagiya Tamil Magan’. Songs by Anirudh were already chartbusters. Kaththi is all about, how Jeevanandham, a social activist fight against a monstrous MNC company to restore farming. The other Vijay, ‘Kathiresan’, a small time thief, but an ultra intelligent youngster, who swaps position with Jeevanandham because of destiny, and leads the war with the corporate heads by, Neil Nithin Mukesh, which tries to steal the fertile lands from villagers. ARM tries to weave a story with the age old concept of mistaken identity in dual role movies along with a strong social message. But he has failed in screenplay. The transformation of ‘Kathiresan’ to ‘Jeevanandam’ is not at all satisfying. His screenplay is a sluggish affair and the film takes quite a while to get going. Kaththi doesn’t engage consistently and the odd sizzling moments are interspersed with moments of tedium. The length is another drawback and the already gracious run time of 2 hours 45 minutes feels longer. The Thuppakki hangover continues in Kaththi to an extent, as evidenced through Vijay’s pre-interval punchline, his ‘mass’ mannerisms and the sentimental climax song. If Thuppakki was an ode to the Army, Kaththi is dedicated to the farmers of the land. The placement of all the songs leaves a lot to be desired, with the much talked about ‘Selfie Pulla’, arriving when the audiences would have just entered the hall after the intermission. The delightful ‘Aathi’ is the weakest on screen while Vijay’s intro number ‘Pakkam Vandu’, though a different exercise doesn’t grip fans as Vijay’s intro songs usually do. Unlike vidyut in Thupakki, neil nitin neither did have a good role nor he was used well. . He was wasted. . So was samantha except for songs. . Satish’s comedy were nothing great but thanks he did not irritate either.. Coming to other technical aspects, Cinematography by George.C.Williams was eye-catchy. Anirudh is the saving grace of the whole movie. Most of the scenes looked top-notch due to his soulful background score. Editing could have been a bit more better. Overall, ARM as a director, as again irked lot of people with some melodramatic situations happening against farmers, which is exactly happening in many villages, Kudos to his concept too , but he has failed to materialize into a good movie like ‘Thuppakki’. Verdict : Knife is Pointless


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