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Published: 10 November 2015
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Making a commercial film isn't a piece of cake. There are very few directors who have mastered this art of catering to a wide audience base with packaged entertainment having elements like comedy, action, sentiment, some twists and the song-dance routines. And when there is a big hero on board, the director's responsibility grows even bigger. That's exactly the case in Vedalam where the successful Veeram duo of Siva - Ajith joins hands again. In Vedalam, the focus is clearly on projecting women in good light with Ajith always looking out for his doting sister (played by Lakshmi Menon). When there is a mass hero, action comes along like his shadow and Vedalam has its fair share of 'thiruvizha' action moments resulting from the revenge theme of the film. There are three hunky villains falling into the commercial cinema template completely. The transformations in look, body language and attitude that Ajith brings about are bolstered by Anirudh's ‘theri theme’. Anirudh is indeed a 'masster' and his work in Vedalam needs a mention. Right from the groovy title credits score to the ‘Veera Vinayaga’ number to the riotous ‘Aaluma Doluma’, Anirudh is in the right zone and delights the masses. The chemistry between Ajith’s famed screen presence and Anirudh’s BGM score was always a big lookout pre-release and the combination works in Vedalam. Some of the comedy scenes (headed by the likes of Soori, Kovai Sarala, Rajendran, Balasaravanan, Swaminathan, Sivabalan) don’t work out as intended and the sentiment scenes go overboard into the melodramatic territory. The film doesn't engage consistently as intended. But the earnestness of Ajith in the feel-good, tearjerker moments stands out no doubt. Siva has not just banked on Ajith’s persona, but has also extracted various performance shades from Thala. With two distinct looks, some energetic dance moves, plenty of mass moments in the fight scenes, Vedalam is every hardcore Ajith fan’s ideal outing. And the director has also made sure to not miss out on the large family audience base by using the services of actors like Lakshmi Menon and Thambi Ramaiah. Both these actors are pillars no doubt, and up the EQ (emotional quotient) of Vedalam. And like in Veeram, the pre-interval segment is a spike in Vedalam too, and Siva is in charge of the film playing to his strengths with impactful dialogues and 'moments' to savor. Shruti Haasan (playing a hyper lawyer) has the interestingly filmed ‘Don’t You Mess With Me’ song where she has been showcased like the dream girl that she is, by DoP Vetri. The locations and glossy feel of this song are in contrast to the general gritty tone of the film. The way this song traverses is interesting, with a 'hate to love' journey portrayed through it. Ashwin gets a small role as Shruti’s brother who falls for Lakshmi’s goodness. Editor Ruben’s work is noteworthy in the frenetic climax action scene which has some intelligent episodes and also plenty of outer-atmospheric elements in it. Stunt master Silva must have had a lot on his plate given the big action scope of the film and with his trusted aide Ajith, Silva has delivered some high-octane set pieces.


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